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Toddlers Girls One Piece Swimsuit Baby Sleeveless Stripe Swimwea


Toddlers Girls One Piece Swimsuit Baby Sleeveless Stripe Swimwea



Experience Your MEDICA

Dive into the future – live in Düsseldorf and digital.

Imaging and diagnostics /
medical equipment and devices

Diagnostics, imaging supplies, surgery &endoscopy devices, therapy and physical medicine, implants and prostheses, intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration, emergency medicine, rescue equipment, operating technology & equipment, hospital equipment, care equipment, hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
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IT systems and IT solutions

IT infrastructure / computer hardware, mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI), wearable technologies, smart textiles, eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry, administrative & medical information systems / software, communication systems
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Laboratory equipment / diagnostic tests

Laboratory equipment: analyser systems, centrifuges, microplates & microtiter plates, microscopes, filtration systems, glass / plastic & metal laboratory items;
Diagnostic tests: clinical chemistry, haemoglobin testing, electrophoresis testing, microbiology testing, immunochemistry testing, immunology testing, genetic testing, molecular diagnostics
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Physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology

Hydrotherapy treatment equipment, bandages, occupational therapy equipment, waking & mobility aids, compression therapy equipment, shock wave therapy equipment, mobility aids, physiotherapeutic cold & heat treatment, massage equipment, rehabilitation equipment, orthopaedic feet aids, shoes and insoles, training equipment, rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs
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Disposables and consumables

Universal medical commodities, acupuncture equipment, articles for nursing, hygiene & medical cosmetic, batteries for medical systems, surface disinfectants, Hand hygiene stations / supplies, disposables, hearing aids, incontinence systems, stoma aids, catheters, sterile bags, linen, patient identification wristbands, personal protective equipment, wound care equipment, waste management
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MEDICA 2021 and COMPAMED 2021 have far exceeded expectations

Final press release: Visitors and exhibitors were in good spirits throughout – personal encounters once again take centre stage

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From the editors of

News from the editors of

5G-OR Project wins Franco-German Program for the Development of innovative Applications for 5G private Networks
5G-OR is one of the 4 winning projects jointly selected by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action in Germany and the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Relaunch in France for the call "Technical developments and application ecosystems for 5G private networks". The joint Franco-German 5G-OR project takes up the challenge in the healthcare domain.
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3D-Printed Thorax for training purposes
Engineers and physicians at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg have jointly developed an educational and training model for operations in the human thoracic cavity.
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Humboldt fellow develops early detection of kidney diseases
Humboldt Research Fellow Dr. Maria Rita Ortega Vega from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil will be a guest at the Faculty of Chemistry and Food Chemistry at TU Dresden. Here, she will work together with her host Prof. Stefan Kaskel on the development of novel electrochemical sensors for the salivary detection of kidney diseases.
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In vitro model of lungs: fundamentals of oxygen transport in lower airways clarified
In a recent publication, researchers from the field of biomedical fluid mechanics at TU Bergakademie Freiberg present a way to visualize and measure the oxygen transport between the trachea and upper bronchial tree using an in vitro model of the lungs. The results can provide intensive care with important insights into optimizing oxygen delivery to ventilated patients.
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Laser beam shows the way inside the body
MHH Radiology puts computer tomograph with integrated laser navigation into operation
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COVID-19 patients may need less oxygen than previously thought
A new study, led by researchers at Uppsala University, shows that all individual patients suffering from severe COVID-19 may have lower oxygen requirements than was formerly believed. The study was conducted at a Swedish district hospital during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020. The scientists’ methods, as well as their results, may be useful for future planning of health care and resources
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World Cancer Day 2022 – Close the Care Gap!
World Cancer Day takes place every year on February 04, and this year is the 22nd time. The International Union Against Cancer (UICC - Union internationale contre le cancer) has chosen the motto "Close the Care Gap!" for this year. This marks the start of a new three-year campaign.
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On the spot drug delivery with light-controlled organic microswimmers
Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research develop organic microparticles that can steer through biological fluids and dissolved blood in unprecedented ways. Even in very salty liquids, the microswimmers can be propelled forward at high speed by visible light, either individually or as a swarm.
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New imaging method reveals causes of cerebral oedema
Cerebral oedema is a dangerous complication in many brain-related conditions such as strokes. Researchers at the Institute of Neurobiology at Heinrich Heine University have developed a new measurement method in collaboration with colleagues from Bonn and with the involvement of a Berlin-based optoelectronics company that enables better understanding of the cellular causes of cerebral oedema.
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A mobile app and AI software to speed up skin-cancer diagnoses
When skin cancer is detected early, there is a good chance of recovery. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a digital solution to significantly speed-up diagnosis. A mobile application assists in recording skin lesions and sends these to dermatology departments in hospitals.
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Hard to break down
Hepatitis E virus (HEV) can cause serious liver inflammation and is the most common cause of acute virus-mediated hepatitis worldwide. Infection can be prevented through appropriate hygiene measures.
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Complex three-dimensional kidney tissue generated in the lab from scratch
A research team based in Kumamoto University (Japan) has created complex 3D kidney tissue in the lab solely from cultured mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells. These organoids could lead the way to better kidney research and, eventually, artificial kidneys for human transplant.
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Using AI to create work schedules significantly reduces physician burnout, study shows
Artificial intelligence (AI)-based scheduling significantly improves physician engagement and reduces burnout by creating fair and flexible schedules that support work-life balance — even during the COVID-19 pandemic — according to research being presented at the American Society of Anesthesiologists' ADVANCE 2022, the Anesthesiology Business Event.
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Groundbreaking AI technology diagnosis COVID-19 in minutes
Pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, developed by experts at University of the West of Scotland (UWS), is capable of accurately diagnosing Covid-19 in just a few minutes.
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Computer programme uses data from wearables to detect depression
A team of scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has developed a predictive computer programme that could be used to detect individuals who are at increased risk of depression.
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KTU students created a transparent protective face mask
A team of students from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and start-up Assero have introduced an innovative see-through mask. The mask prototype won international recognition, as it took second place in the Silicon Valley Innovation Competition in the Best Overall Innovation category.
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Robot performs first laparoscopic surgery without human help
A robot has performed laparoscopic surgery on the soft tissue of a pig without the guiding hand of a human – a significant step in robotics toward fully automated surgery on humans.
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Researchers pilot 'Itty Bitty' device for earlier ovarian cancer detection
University of Arizona BIO5 director Jennifer Barton has spent nearly a decade developing a falloposcope to detect early-stage ovarian cancer. Now, a surgeon has used the device to capture images of study participants' fallopian tubes for the first time.
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Computational models reveal effects of pregnancy on kidneys
Researchers are using computer simulations to better understand the impacts pregnancy can have on kidneys.
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AI identifies individuals at risk for heart disease
System mines Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to assess combined effects of various risk factors
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Ultrasound stimulation as an effective therapy for Alzheimer's
Synchronizing one’s brainwaves to ultrasound pulses could reduce the accumulation of abnormal proteins characteristic of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease
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New diagnostic test for preeclampsia in Africa
Researchers from University of Illinois Chicago have received funding to study a novel diagnostic kit for preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is pregnancy-related hypertension that can occur at or after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Left untreated, preeclampsia can disrupt fetal growth and lead to preterm birth and stillbirth.
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Fast and cheap test can detect COVID-19 virus' genome without need for PCR
Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new test for COVID-19 that combines the speed of over-the-counter antigen tests with the accuracy of PCR tests that are processed in medical labs and hospitals.
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Understanding human vision through Deep Learning
By adapting techniques from the domain of artificial intelligence, such as deep learning, cognitive scientists from Osnabrück will study the core principles of human vision over the next five years.
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App helps preemie parents feel confident caring for their newborns
It's often too much for parents to absorb, especially when they’re sleep deprived and stressed. A smartphone app tested at Northwestern University, NICU2Home, which is still in the research phase, aims to make this transition easier.
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Industry News

Somnics Debuts Omni9 Home Sleep Testing Device at MEDICA 2021
At MEDICA 2021 held at Messe Düsseldorf from November 15 to 18, Somnics Inc., a medical devices maker specializing in sleep breathing disorders, presents to international medical professionals its “...
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Somnics Inc.’s iNAP Wins Another Taiwan Excellence Award for New Oral Interface Accessory
The 30th Taiwan Excellence Award recently announced the winners from a long list of candidates. Somnics, Inc. won its third Taiwan Excellence Award for the new generation iNAP Oral Interface I08, an...
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Somnics, Inc. Showcases iNAP Lab+ Remote OSA Therapy Services at MEDICA 2021
COVID-19 has changed many aspects of life and business and particularly the case in sleep medicine. With many sleep doctors providing virtual consultations to reduce risks, remote care for sleep...
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UK HealthTech Industry Looks Forward to Reuniting at MEDICA 2021
The UK health technology industry is looking forward to reuniting at the world’s leading international trade fair for the medical sector, MEDICA 2021 – the first live edition to take place since...
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Prima 320 Advance anaesthetic machine now available with anaesthetic gas monitoring
The Penlon Prima 320 Advance anaesthetic machine is now available with Masimo® anaesthetic gas monitoring option. Penlon Limited announces the immediate launch of the updated Penlon Prima 320...
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UK MedTech firm, Occuity, to showcase first device at MEDICA 2021 after successfully raising over £2m
UK MedTech firm, Occuity, successfully raises over £2m to deliver ophthalmic and optical diabetes devices. Occuity have also announced they will be exhibiting on the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021,...
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Warwick SASCo showcases pioneering resuable plastic polyware medical devices at MEDICA 2021
Warwick SASCo Ltd – an independent family-run business specialising in the supply of sterilizable polyware for hospitals – is delighted to be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021 (15 – 18...
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TriMedika showcases pioneering hospital non-contact thermometer at MEDICA 2021
TriMedika – an innovative medical technology manufacturer providing clinical devices for hospitals worldwide – is delighted to be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021 (15 – 18 November 2021) to...
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World’s first handheld, non-contacting optical pachymeter showcased at MEDICA 2021
Occuity – a UK-based medical technology start-up producing handheld non-contacting optical instruments for use in healthcare, diagnostics, and monitoring – will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at...
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Tianlong’s anti-epidemic star product——PANA9600S Automatic Nucleic Acid Workstation has contributed to global epidemic prevention and control
The need for quick and accurate detection is still high for the hospitals and detection centers worldwide with the COVID-19 epidemic still spreading and even intensifying in some countries. PANA9600S...
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Tianlong’s mobile laboratory has greatly enhanced the testing capability in Xiamen
Tianlong's mobile laboratory has greatly enhanced the testing capability in Xiamen, a coastal city in China, where the COVID-19 pandemic recently has a small-scale outbreak. Tianlong's mobile...
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All Norwegian health trusts are now using CheckWare within mental health and addiction
CheckWare's digital solution for specialist health services is now being used by all health trusts in Norway within mental health and addiction. For the vast majority of health trusts, it has taken...
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On Display at MEDICA 2021 for the First Time: Dotz Nano’s End-to-End Mega-Diagnostic Platform for En-Masse, Rapid and Precise Diagnosis of COVID-19
October 2021 - Dotz Nano Ltd. (ASX:DTZ), an advanced materials company specializing in diagnostics, tracing, and authentication solutions, is excited to showcase its Mega-Diagnostic Platform for the...
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Medten USA Inc. Opens Irvine, CA warehouse
For Immediate Release 10/27/2021 Medten USA Inc. 949-932-0386 Medten USA Inc. opens Irvine, CA warehouse New company opens warehouse with biomedical repair parts ready to ship.
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Bulbitech closes € 2 million grant with Norwegian Research Council
Bulbitech announces it has been granted 20.2 MNOK from the Norwegian Research Council for the further validation, commercialization and development of its technology. Funds will be used in a project...
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DDC Dolphin showcases next-generation eco-friendly medical pulp macerator at MEDICA 2021
DDC Dolphin – a specialist sluice/dirty utility room equipment manufacturer and global supplier – will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021 (15 – 18 November 2021) to showcase their...
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Ground-breaking medical saws enhancing patient safety showcased at MEDICA 2021
British manufacturer Medezine – who develop high quality medical equipment, primarily focused on medical saws, scissors and instruments – will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021 (15 – 18...
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Revolutionary non-invasive technology supporting early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease showcased at MEDICA 2021
Manus Neurodynamica Limited (“Manus”), who develop and market products and technologies for neuromotor assessment, will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2021 (15 – 18 November 2021) to launch...
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ASEPTOR Basic flow UV-C germicidal and virucidal lamps are designed for flow sterilization of the air.
Company News The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an increased interest in methods and the means of combating viruses and bacteria in the human environment, especially in hospitals, health care...
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SYnAbs Anti-CD25/IL2Ra therapeutic monoclonal antibody LO-TACT-1
After the first success in 1990, Baudreuil et al decided to launch a randomized long-term study to test the LO-TACT-1 rat-LOU monoclonal anti-interleukin 2 receptor (IL2Ra/CD25)...
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PolyNovo launches pioneering NovoSorb® BTM synthetic wound matrix technology at MEDICA 2021
PolyNovo UK Ltd – a UK medical devices company specialising in the development of surgical solutions using the patented polymer technology NovoSorb® – will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA...
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SYnAbs therapeutic anti-chemokine receptors monoclonal antibodies
Exclusive to vertebrates, chemokines (also called intercrines, or chemotactic cytokines) are a family of highly conserved secreted proteins of 8-15 kDa size, whose main role is to control immune cell...
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SYnabs therapeutic and R&D tools targeting human CD
CD (cluster of differentiation) molecules are membrane receptors important for immune cell function. They are found on the cell surface and can be entirely extracellular or transmembrane. While it may...
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SYnAbs ink strategic agreement on epigenetics
SYnabs and Belgian Volition SRL are proud to announce the signature of a strategic collaborative agreement. As part of this ambitious 28-months project supported with funding from the Walloon Region,...
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SYnAbs Functional B-cell depleting monoclonal antibodies (mouse & rat)
To address all B cell depletion needs, SYnAbs has developed monoclonal antibody references, which exhibit the ability to deplete murine or rat B cells in vivo, providing a valuable research tool for...
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