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Champion Sports Clearance SALE Limited time 90 Deluxe Tee Batting Many popular brands Black

Champion Sports 90 Deluxe Batting Tee, Black


Champion Sports 90 Deluxe Batting Tee, Black


Add the Deluxe Batting Tee from Champion Sports to any field where baseball and softball are played. Players of all skills levels can refine their batting skills year-round with this convenient equipment. Set up at the baseball field, at the park, at home, or wherever you want to practice your swing and adjust your power hitting.

Adjusting the tee is as easy as 1-2-3. Set the height as low as 22 inches and as high as 47 inches so you can get the right fit for your height as well as simulate various pitches as they whizz through the strike zone.

The steel core offers excellent stability as you practice your follow-through swings. Unlike plastic tees that break or crack when hit with errant swings, our tee is built to handle sluggers of all ages and skill levels.

Built to last for individual practice or team training. The steel core is connected to an official size rubber plate that doubles as training gear and as official ball game tee for young players.

You’ll want these tees on every baseball diamond around. Suitable for ball fields everywhere, including baseball leagues, recreational facilities, baseball complexes, baseball training centers, camps, and more.

- Champion Sports deluxe Batting tee
- Baseball or Softball
- Telescopic height adjustment from 22 to 47 Inches
- Heavy duty steel and rubber
- Weather Resistant.

From the manufacturer

Champion Sports Baseball Home Plate BH86 Champion Sports Baseball Pitching and Batting Practice Net RBM77 Champion Sports Leather Baseball Set OLBPRO Champion Sports Baseball Rebound Pitchback Net BN4272 Champion Sports Deluxe Batting Tee 90 Champion Sports Extended Throat Guard Adult Catcher's Mask BM21
Champion Sports Pro Bury All Homeplate With Waffle Bottom Champion Sports Baseball and Softball Net: Rhino Flex Pitching and Batting Net Champion Sports Leather Baseballs - Genuine Leather Official League Baseballs Champion Sports Pitchback Net - Training Practice Rebounder Bounceback Screen Champion Sports Deluxe Batting Tee Champion Sports Extended Throat Guard Adult Catcher's Mask, Black
Model Number BH86 RBM77 OLBPRO BN4272 90 BM2A
Feature 1 RUBBER, WAFFLE BOTTOM BASE: Our game plates are constructed with high quality molded rubber and a unique waffle bottom design that grips the dirt field so the base does not shift around when slid into VERSATILE: Ideal pitcher backstops and hit screens for any skill level, including youth and tee ball PREMIUM LEATHER EQUIPMENT: Balls covered in top grade cowhide leather for everyday usage and durability MULTI-SPORT EQUIPMENT NETTING: Champion Sports pitch-back rebound nets are ideal for a variety of sports training, including baseball, softball, LAX, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball or tennis MULTI USE: The quality and long wearing durability make this tee a must have diamond staple for baseball and softball recreational leagues, parks, and baseball complexes everywhere RELIABLE PROTECTION: Extended throat and ear guard for extra protection
Feature 2 FLAT TOP, BEVELED EDGES: Champion Sports Throw-Down Homeplate offers a flat top for smooth, safe sliding into home, as well as beveled and buried edges that won’t catch on runner’s cleats when sliding EXTRA DURABLE: Thick fiberglass poles and heavier gauge netting make our nets strong and sturdy CORK CORE: Double cushioned core is made of solid cork just like professionals use at the ballpark ADJUSTABLE REBOUNDING SCREEN: Large netting measures 42 Inches x 72 inches and rotates to different angles for multi sport drills, including pitching, ground ball practice or other throwing accuracy TELESCOPIC: Quickly adjust the tee to the exact height you want to accommodate your stance or to work on hitting the ball at different levels of the strike zone; refine your performance hitting angles SECURE SUPPORT: Harness included which holds mask in place
Feature 3 IDEAL FOR ANY PLAYING LEVEL: This home base is the perfect size rubber plate for a variety of playing levels, whether you are using it for slowpitch softball, fastpitch baseball or youth little league EASY ASSEMBLY: The bow frame is collapsible to quickly pop open in a backyard or on the diamond FOR ANY AGE: Youth to adult players will love hitting or pitching with these official league NFHS stamped balls that meet major league specifications STURDY NYLON NET: Champion Sports pitch back rebounder is constructed with a durable nylon net screen that can withstand tough shots from baseballs, soccer balls and even basketballs without snapping HEAVY DUTY: In addition to the steel core, this tee includes an official rubber home plate that works as a training aid as well as a plate for tee ball games ONE SIZE: Sized for adult players

Champion Sports 90 Deluxe Batting Tee, Black

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